Are You A Worshiper?

As followers of Jesus we believe two basic things about Him.  We believe Jesus is the Son of God and we believe He gave His life for us on the cross. This was what God, His Father asked Him to do and, because He is Jesus, He willingly did so.

As John begins writing his Gospel, he reminds us that Jesus is God and has always been.

Later, in Revelation, John shares his vision of Heaven.  In chapter 5, John tells us that he saw ten thousand, times ten thousand angels, (that’s 100 MILLION angels) worshiping Jesus at the same time all saying, “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain… to Him be Praise and Honor and Glory for ever and ever!” Can you imagine hearing 100 million of anything worshiping God, much less 100 million angels??  Now, that would be a great concert!

He is the CREATOR and we are His created; created with free will, and then we went south. The crazy thing is, Jesus knew we would sin and said yes to the cross anyway.

He is PERFECT, us not so much.  You’ve heard me say this over and over, love isn’t something God does, it’s His very nature.  Beyond that, His Love is absolute, pure, and eternal, and He chose to love us!

I can’t even begin to compare my life to my Creator.  My only response to His love is to humbly bow and say, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You; I don’t deserve this Gift, nor do I deserve this Relationship.” That is the heart of worship.

I’m so excited about the next five weeks @ Camelback as we learn how to become a WORSHIPER!


Pastor James